Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia Attended G20 Conference in Argentina
08 October 2018

Buenos Aires had witness the convening of the world's first judicial conference for countries belonging to the G20. The conference, titled “Judicial Conference of the Supreme Courts of the G20”, is an initiation taken by Argentina, as the host of the G20.


In the meeting, the role of the judiciary was discussed as the important factors in the development and implementation of clean state governance. Therefore, an understanding of the views of the judicial institutions incorporated in the G20 countries is needed, by exchanging information and experiences, in form of a joint forum.


The Chief Justice of the Indonesian Constitutional Court, H.E. Anwar Usman presented the material on "Global Democracy and Global Markets" and stated that the implementation of democracy is very closely related to the progress of the economy of a country hence to move the wheels of democracy, it requires not a small amount of money. Therefore, continued Anwar, the index of democratic progress in a country cannot be separated from the index of economic progress. Without good progress and economic growth, it is impossible for democracy to work well accordingly.


Furthermore, Anwar added that the development of democracy that took place in various countries is currently running anomaly. Because democracy which was originally aspired to have grown from, by, and for society, became dominated by a handful of people who had large capital. So that the democracy that takes place today is elitist and tends to benefit a handful of people. It happened also on the current free-market mechanism that applies in almost all countries and regions. If the free market mechanism applies without balanced terms and conditions, natural law will apply that who has the largest capital, he will be the winner in the competition for the economy. For that, he continued, in order to find solutions and a middle ground for the development of the world today, this conference became an important forum in order to share ideas, information, and experiences from each country.


In closing, Anwar also expressed his gratitude to the member states, who have given attention, assistance, and cooperation to Indonesia, which is currently being hit by a disaster such as an earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, and Palu, Central Sulawesi . The attention, assistance and cooperation given in natural disasters is a concrete manifestation of the concern of friendly countries for civilization and humanity. (NK/ LA/SO)