World Conference on Constitutional Justice held its 1st Training for Liaison Officers
08 February 2019

The delegations of Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia attended the 1st. Training Liaison Officer on Contributing to the CODICES Database and the Venice Forum of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice (WCCJ) on 7-8 February 2019 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The WCCJ is an international association consists of 114 Constitutional Courts or Equivalent Institutions from all over the world, which Indonesia has been actively participated as one of the Bureau of the association since 2013. This year, the event is organized by the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe as the Secretariat of the WCCJ, along with the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic as the host country.


WCCJ aims to facilitate the judicial dialogue between the Justices where they can exchange their experiences in dealing with the cases in terms of contributing to the rule of law, upholding the constitution, and protecting the human rights. Thus, the judicial dialogue will hopefully enable the Justices to share their best practices within their own home country, which may lead to have a better understanding on the current issues concerning the Constitutional Law. Additionally, the participants—or member countries—are also encouraged to publish the Court decisions internationally. In order to do so, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia appointed its Liaison Officer to communicate and disseminate the Court decisions.


During this training, all Liaison Officers from many different countries representing their Court were given the explanation regarding their roles and tasks. In short, they have 2 (two) major roles. First, making the summary of Court decisions according to the standard of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe. Basically, the summary has to be available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, as well as containing systematic keywords to make it easier to track many decisions from different countries with similar issue. Second, uploading the news related to the Court activity to the Venice Forum provided by the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe as a medium to connect all the liaison officers. Some of the news that may be shared are International Conference, appointment of the new Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice, or Justices. However, they can also share other matters related to the Court in general.


The training, which lasted for 2 (two) days, gave a comprehensive introduction on how to execute those 2 (two) roles as a liaison officer representing the Court within the Venice Forum and WCCJ with the hope that it will trigger a more active contribution from the member countries through their liaison officer. (Afina)