International Short Course in the Framework of ICCIS 2019 Officially Opened
06 November 2019

The Constitutional Court (MK) held an international short course activity in Nusa Dua, Bali, Wednesday (11/06/2019). This short course was opened by Registrar of MK Muhidin. In his remarks, he stated that this activity was part of an international symposium routinely carried out by the Constitutional Court as a member of the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and similar institutions (Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions / AACC). This short course takes the theme of "The Constitutional Court and the Protection of Human Rights" and aims to add insight and exchange information about the development of law and constitution, especially the efforts made by the constitutional court in protecting human rights through its decisions.


Muhidin also stated that the development of human rights protection in the era of democracy and globalization made more and more countries strengthen human rights protection for their citizens in their constitutions, including Indonesia in the 1945 Constitution. "Under these conditions, the role of the constitutional court automatically expanded, ie not merely as constitutional protector only, but also as a protector of human rights. That role makes the constitutional court as a place to fight for the protection and enforcement of the most effective and certainly constitutional human rights. Moreover, for the constitutional court which has the nature of a final and binding decision as the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia, "he said.


This short international course is part of a series of events on "The 3rd Indonesian Constitutional Court International Symposium (ICCIS 2019)" held Monday-Thursday (5-7 / 11/2019). The event was filled and attended by academics and constitutional law practitioners from various countries.