Federal Court of Malaysia

  1. To determine appeals from the Court of Appeal and the High Court. [Appellate jurisdiction (Article 128(3) Of Federal Constitution.) ]
  2. To determine (a) any question on the validity of law made by Parliament or by the legislature of a state; and (b) disputes on any other question between states or between the Federation and any state. [Exclusive original jurisdiction (Article 128(1) Federal Constitution.)]
  3. To determine any question that arises before any court as to the effect of any provision of the Constitution. [ Referral jurisdiction (Article 128 (2) Federal Constitution)]
  4. To provide and pronounce its opinion on reference made by the King on any question as to the effect of any provision of the Constitution which has arisen or appears to His Majesty likely to arise. [ Advisory jurisdiction (Article 130 of the Federal Constitution)]
Address :
Federal Court of Malaysia, Palace of Justice, Precint 3, 62506 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
03 8880 3500
03 8880 3886
The Malaysian Judiciary
Tan Sri Tengku Maimun binti Tuan Mat
2019- current
Members Composition

Yang Amat Arif Tan Sri Dato' Seri Zulkefli Bin Ahmad Makinudin
Yang Amat Arif Tan Sri Datuk Wira Ahmad bin Haji Maarop
Yang Arif Tan Sri Hasan bin Lah
Yang Arif Tan Sri Datuk Zainun binti Ali
Yang Arif Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Abu Samah bin Nordin
Yang Arif Tan Sri Datuk Ramly bin Haji Ali
Yang Arif Tan Sri Azahar bin Mohamed
Yang Arif Tan Sri Zaharah binti Ibrahim
Yang Arif Dato’ Balia Yusof bin Haji Wahi
Yang Arif Tan Sri Dato’ Wira Aziah binti Ali
Yang Arif Datuk Dr. Prasad Sandosham Abraham
Yang Arif Tan Sri Jeffrey Tan Kok Wha
Yang Arif Dato’ Alizatul Khair bt. Osman Khairuddin

Secretary General
Yang Berbahagia Dato' Sri Latifah binti Hj. Mohd Tahar
1. Secretary General
Organizing the administrative technical support to all elements within the Malaysian Judiciary.
  • Oversees the day to day administration of the courts throughout Malaysia (comprising the Federal Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court, the Sessions Court and the Magistrates’ Court).
  • Responsible for the recruitment, transfers, promotions and discipline of the courts’ personnel on behalf of the respective Service Commissions and the Public Service Department.
  • Responsible for all financial matters relating to the courts, including the preparation of financial reports for the Prime Minister’s Department and the Federal Treasury.