AACC SRD Held for the Nomination of the New Deputy Secretaries-General 2021-2022
23 March 2021

In reference to the AACC SRD's request for the nomination of the new deputy secretaries-general, a total of eight AACC member institutions have submitted their nominations for the positions. The AACC SRD appreciates the great interest shown by the AACC member institutions.


In reviewing the nominations, the SRD has taken into account various factors including the purpose of the deputy secretary-general system, which is to expand cooperation and exchanges among AACC member institutions, order of accession to the AACC, and the candidates' current positions at their respective institutions. As a result, Secretary-General Chaowana Traimas of the Constitutional Court of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Head of the Secretariat of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdumannob Rakhimov have been appointed as the new deputy secretaries-general of the AACC SRD. The deputy secretaries-general's term of office is one year, starting from March 2021 and can be renewed for another year.


The AACC SRD is committed to the research activities regarding constitutional adjudications in Asia and strive to build a systematic platform to share knowledge and experiences of the AACC member institutions.