Opening Ceremony of the 1st AACC Research Conference
05 June 2018

President Lee, Jinsung of the Constitutional Court gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the 1st Research Conference of the AACC Secretariat for Research and Development on May 30, 2017. He said, “30 years' experiences of the Constitutional Court of Korea and 70 years' history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights teach us two lessons. First, building a culture of respect for democracy, rule of law and human rights takes long time and tremendous effort. Second, such difficult labor will bear its precious fruits in the end.”


He also said, “I hope we could embrace the spirit of cooperation in every corner of our AACC.”


The 1st Research Conference that ended on June 1 was held under the title of Jurisdictions and Organization of AACC Members. The participants gave a presentation on their own organizational structure, jurisdiction and major decisions and engaged in discussion sessions. Issues they covered and discussed will be used for AACC Fact File, which is important basic data to study constitutional adjudications in Asia.


In the meantime, Mr. Kim, Heon Jeong, Secretary General of the Court and AACC SRD, mentioned the operation and significance of the Secretariat as well as the importance of the Conference at his opening speech. “What makes the AACC SRD so special is the potential to connect a diverse group of constitutional courts and equivalent institutions, to exchange and share information and experiences of delivering constitutional justice,” he stressed.


The AACC SRD that hosted the Research Conference along with the Court is a permanent secretariat of the AACC that brings constitutional courts and equivalent institutes in 16 Asian countries. It was officially established in Seoul in January 2017 and is now headed by Secretary General Kim.


(Source: Constitutional Court of Korea Official Site