MKRI Staff Attend Türkiye Constitutional Court’s Summer School
19 September 2023

As the Center for Training and Human Resources Development of the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions (AACC-CTHRD), the Constitutional Court of Türkiye organized the eleventh Summer School on “Judicial Independence as a Safeguard of the Right to a Fair Trial,” which took place on September 18-21, 2023 in Ankara. This event was held following the success of the previous ones.  Four employees of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia (MKRI)—Lia Nur Jannah, Isti Widayanti, Endrizal, and Aris Wahyu Hajianto—participated in the event along with more than twenty countries and one institution (the European Court of Human Rights).   


Secretary-General Murat Sen officially opened the event. In his remarks, he said that the increasing number of participating countries from the previous year could strengthen cooperation between the countries. He hoped that the event, which focuses on judicial independence, could become a forum for exchange of knowledge and make relevant contributions for the participants.


The event is divided into three sessions, with the MKRI’s delegation delivering a presentation entitled “Judicial Independence of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Indonesia as a Safeguard to the Right to Fair Trial” in the first session. Lia said judicial independence is very important in implementing the rule of law and, as a modern and trustworthy judicial institution with a vision to uphold the Constitution, the MKRI has provided electronic judicial services using an application called SIMPEL. She also mentioned that in performing their duties, the constitutional justices are bound by code of ethics and conduct called Sapta Karsa Hutama. The MKRI delegation also mentioned the Constitutional Court Decision No. 100/PUU-X/2012 as an example of fair trial, where the petitioner filed the case independently without being accompanied by a legal counsel, but MKRI decided the case to ensure that citizens can maintain their constitutional rights. The MKRI as an independent judicial institution acts as a guardian of the Constitution who guarantees the constitutional rights of citizens through fair and intervention-free hearings.


President of the Constitutional Court of Türkiye Zühtü Arslan closed the Summer School on Tuesday afternoon, September 19, 2023.