Supreme Court of the Maldives



Original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court


Supreme Court has original jurisdiction to adjudicate on constitutional matters with the following characteristics pursuant to section 11 of Judicature Act 2010:


  • The matter may create a constitutional void or the matter may lead to the constitutional system to be out of order.
  • Matter between two institutions or two powers of the state regarding the interpretation of the Constitution.
  • Matters relating to public interest of the nation.
  • Pursuant to section 143 of the Constitution, the Supreme Court shall have the jurisdiction to enquire into and rule on the constitutional validity of any statute or part thereof enacted by the Parliament.


Exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Court


Matters submitted under Article 74 of the Constitution, regarding the qualification or removal or vacating of seats of a parliament member.


  • Matters submitted under Article 113 of the Constitution to determine disputes concerning the qualifications or disqualification of a presidential candidate or running mate, election or removal of the President by the Parliament.
  • Matters submitted under Article 258 of the Constitution to determine issues with regard to the validity in whole or part of the declaration or any law or order made pursuant to declaration of state of emergency.
Address :
Supreme Court of the Maldives, Theemuge Orchid Magu Male’, Republic of Maldives
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Chief Justice Honorable Mr. Ahmed Muthasim Adnan
Members Composition

Justice Honorable Dr. Azmiralda Zahir

Justice Honorable Uza Aisha Shujune Muhammad

Justice Honorable Uz Mahaz Ali ZAhir

Justice Honorable Uz Huznu Al Suood



Secretary General
Dr Hussain Faiz